Homework Room & Tutoring Math Is Not My Enemy

Every student who enters the Center spends at least an hour in the Homework Room, where they eat a snack and finish the day’s homework. Through collaborations with local universities, the room is staffed with tutors who work with youth one on one on specific assignments, as well as two part-time staff members who can mentor and track the progress of each student.

Math Is Not My Enemy

Is designed to encourage and help students who are often discouraged from building skill and interest in in math. This program aims to "meet" youth where they currently are in their understanding of mathematics. Youth have twi 45 minute one on one sessions with a math instructor who will First: help the youth gain a better understanding of the math concepts that they are presently struggling with, Second: complete homework, Third: this approach helps to build self confidence, increase problem solving, and encourage the youth to build upon their current skill level in order to elevate their academic standing by one letter grade.

Connections to College

As part of the C2C program, youth spend the summer attending a college-level sociology class taught just for them at Northeastern University, getting used to college life, and learning how to apply for college and financial aid. This year’s group of rising sophomores and juniors all want to go to college, but only half feel confident that they know how to navigate the murky waters of the application and funding process. In a neighborhood where 20% of adults did not graduate high school, these youth are already doing better than the average: 50% of them have parents or grandparents with four-year degrees.During the school year, high school juniors and seniors tour local colleges on occasional Saturdays. Youth who are not enrolled in the C2C program are welcome to attend. Contact Donna Woodson by email or at 617-282-6110 ext. 25 to inquire about upcoming tours.